We need your help!

The home front committee (TFC) is a group of people supporting the Gooden family from the Netherlands with their mission. But we cannot do this on our own. Your help is needed to make this mission a succes. Next to prayer Ide and Sabine will need a healthy financial basis. Ide and Sabine are working for MAF on a voluntary basis. For their income they fully rely on your support. Therefore we urgently ask you to help them financially.

Single donations are of course very welcome. But to create a stable financial situation we would like to ask you for a monthly donation for a longer time. This is possible by clicking the link below which will guide you to the MAF website. Monthly donations will give a greater spread in income and perhaps it's easier for you to miss a small amount monthly instead of a large sum once a year.

Your donation will go fully to the mission of Ide and Sabine. MAF Netherlands is ANBI, CBF and ISO certified which means you can reclaim your tax on the donations you make, if you live in the Netherlands at least.

Thanks for your support,

On behalf of the home front committee (TFC), Boaz.

You can donate directly via the website of MAF

or become a sponsor with your company