FLARM very kindly donated a PowerFLARM Portable for our mission! 

A PowerFLARM portable is a small mobile device which can be placed in any cockpit and can run on batteries as well as power supply. It has a small screen providing live updates of the traffic around the plane I'm flying. This greatly enhances safety given the poor visibility out of powered planes in which I fly. This device helps with see-and-avoidance of other air traffic. 

For technical users:

PowerFLARM is a collision avoidance device that was developed and is manufactured by FLARM Technology. It is designed specifically for the needs of small- and general aviation. PowerFLARM® combines the benefits of FLARM® with ADS-B and transponder technology.

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Weide - IC


Weide IC is a marketing and design bureau which funds our website.

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HB-one helped us to add an webshop module to our website. HB-one can develop your website but is also able to give advice and training for self-employed persons.

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